Image Masking Service

Image masking service is implied when major subject in the border of photo is surrounded by a legion of surplus objects. Photoshop shows brilliancy in techniques and skills in exact masking of image which has several types i.e. Alpha Masking or soft masking, Erasing and normal Masking, Color & Channel Masking, Masking of Layer & Transparency etc. This is decoration for a professional approach to identify with the complexities and technique of applying this quality. Clipping Maker accurately provide masking to any kind of multifaceted images confidently to all the industry leaders like Ad. Agency, Newspaper, Magazine Press, , Franchise Companies, Store Chains, Online Retailers and others . Our experienced & professional designers and our photo masking technology will assist you to reduce your overall cost by processing bulk quantity of photos timely without affecting your budget.


Concept of different Masking


Alpha Channel / Soft Masking

Soft masking is like Alpha Channel Masking. Alpha Channel Masking use in a Raster Masking where Adobe Photoshop needs Masking techniques with RGB, CMYK and various other channels.

Channel Masking

Channel masking is the techniques of best known way to accomplish path / shape for difficult images.

Layer Masking

Layer masking is a process of black and white areas which is purely says whether parts (pixels) are shown or not. This is a type explanation for solving multi-layered montages and multiple images. To our designers Layer Mask becomes practical masking appropriate on compound images such as semitransparent, hair, fur or translucent images.


Necessities of Layer Mask:

1. Adjust and fully restore the images in future.
2. Show& Hide particular parts of the image
3. Saving your time to image masking
4. Deliver much cleaner and better image.
Masking Service involves:
1. Smooth rate pricing for any complexity
2. Preferred method for people or animal images
3. Ideal for retaining well details such as hair or fur
4. Superior for creating masks for color correction


Why Clipping Maker better for Photo Masking

• Image masking is our extraordinary service
• Experienced team is controlling this service. They make Photo Masking professionally
• Clipping Maker also offer various masking such as Layer Mask, Alpha Channel Mask and Vector Mask
• We offer reasonable price
• Our team provide our services in time
So don’t hesitate for any queries contact or request us. We make sure a reply of your queries within short time.

Image Masking Work Sample

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